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Michael Pavitsky: "SQL Maestro Group provided the kind of services and support for managing PostgreSQL data expected in a true business partnership. Their devotion to customer satisfaction and cost curtailment is a pleasure for PostgreSQL users. I wouldn?t hesitate to recommend PostgreSQL Data Wizard to any of my peers and I know and trust they will surpass all expectations".
Kym Harper : "Beautifully presented tools (and web site) and great service. I will be sending links to many other individuals who should be interested. Wishing you every continued success and thank you again".


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Purchase Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Thank you for your interest in purchasing our software! This FAQ covers some topics concerned with registering and licensing of our products. Answers to technical questions can be found at the support section.

What is your license model?
All our tools are sold as perpetual licenses. This means that the software is licensed for life and you can use it forever, aka in perpetuity. All purchases come with the 12/36 months maintenance package (support and upgrades) that can be renewed according to the upgrade policy.
When will I receive the registration key after software purchasing?
We send the software activation key by email in no more than 6 hours (usually during one hour) after your order is processed by share-it and payment is received. If you have not got the email with the license info within 6 hours after the order has been processed, please contact our sales department (but don't forget to check your SPAM folder first).
Which license type should I select?
You may choose a non-commercial license if you use the software for non-commercial purposes in non-business, non-commercial environment. You should purchase a business license to use the software in a corporate, government, or business environment.

Single license means that a copy of the software is allowed to be used only on a single computer and only by a single user at a time. If you wish to use the software for more than one user, you will need a separate license for each individual user (volume discounts are available). Site license means that the software is allowed to be used without limitation on count of installations and users within one organization.

All our products and bundles are shipped with 12/36 months of maintenance that can be extended later according to the Upgrade policy.
I work for a commercial company. Which license type should I select if we plan to use your software only for internal needs (e.g. to manage our database or create an Intranet website?
You should purchase a business license as the software will be used in the business environment.
Can I deploy one license for both desktop and laptop?
One product license can be installed on a single computer. However, we offer a special allowance which authorizes you to deploy the product on both desktop computer and portable computer, laptop, or other mobile computer with a single license, as long as it is not being used simultaneously.
Is it possible to place a purchase order?
Yes, it is possible. Please contact our sales department for more information.
I purchased your software a month ago, and a newer version has been released. Is it necessary to pay again to get the latest version?
No, you will not have to pay again. According to our Upgrade policy, if you are a registered user of any our product you can get all the upgrades of the product for free within 12 (twelve) or 36 (thirty six) months since the purchase date depending of the license you purchased. After this period you may renew your license for the next 12 or 36 months with a 50% discount.
I want to use your software for educational purposes. May I get a discount?
Yes, you can. Feel free to choose a non-commercial license. Exact prices can be obtained on the purchase page.
Do you provide any discount if I purchase 5 or more licenses of the same product?
Yes, volume discounts are available. Moreover, you will get a discount even if you purchase 3 (or more) licenses at a time.
Do you provide any discount if I purchase multiple different products at a time?
Yes, we do provide cross-selling discounts as well.
What is your return/exchange policy?
We do offer free fully functional trial versions for all our products so upon purchasing a product you confirm that you have tested it and you are completely satisfied with its current version.

Unlike physical goods, electronically distributed software and software licenses can be duplicated. Once a license has been issued, it is not possible for us to recall all copies. Therefore, we do NOT accept product returns or exchanges.

I would like to become your reseller. Do you provide any reseller program?
Yes. Please contact our sales department for more information.

Feel free to contact our sales department if you have any additional questions.