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Ephraim Stevens : "I just wanted to re-iterate what a wonderful job your developers have done and what a wonderful product SQLite Maestro is. There are so many great things to say about it that I won't go into here. It saves an end user a lot of time on repetitive tasks. Keep up the excellent work over there".
Johnattan Badden, Manager: "The software is easy to work with and most importantly, report management is extremely easy, even for a novice like me! I am able to create and edit my databases with a few clicks and easily maintain them afterwards. I highly recommend SQLite Maestro to educational institutions: it's easy and flexible, it is exactly what can be good for using in schools and colleges".


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SQLite Maestro online Help

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Specifying database properties

The next wizard step allows you to set common database options. All fields below are optional, i.e. it is not obligatory for you to fill them.




Server version

You should specify the version of SQLite Server. The 3.x version of the server is recommended because it supports new features (such as the PRAGMA command), that was not realized in the 2nd one.


You can also specify the encoding (UTF-8 or UTF-16) for the new database.

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