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Mario Figueiredo: "I can safely forget all I know about SQL when using SQLite Maestro. It is that easy and intuitive to use. It is also nicely drawn with an easy and appealing interface that makes the sometimes boring tasks of database maintenance and administration more endurable.
The decision to support the non-commercial use of your software with a lower price is absolutely worth mentioning. For that alone, I thank you. For everything else, I say keep up the good work".
Gianmarco Brundo: "I have purchased SQLite Mestro and SQLite Data Wizard, your products are very good".


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SQLite Maestro online Help

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Database Object Management

SQLite Maestro provides you with several tools to manage and navigate SQLite  objects. To browse and modify objects, at least one connection to a database should be established.



The options to create or edit an object in SQLite Maestro follow the parameters defined by SQLite . If you need clarification on what an option means or how it should be used, see SQLite 's documentation for more information. The documentation provides detailed description of objects, including their purpose, properties, and restrictions. The SQLite Maestro manual provides you with only brief review of SQLite  objects.


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