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Create User Wizard

Create User Wizard guides you through the process of creating a new database user. See How To Create User to learn how to run the wizard.

The basic principles of Create Object Wizards in ASA Maestro are covered by the corresponding topic. See below to find the description of wizard steps that are unique to the current object.


Specifying user options

Specify the Name by which the user is identified inside this database.

Note: the name of the object must be unique among all the object names in its container. Moreover, all the objects that are source of data need unique names among themselves. You can use any identifier that is allowed by Sybase SQL Anywhere server.



This field stores a comment to the user.



A password can be either a valid identifier, as described in Identifiers, or a string (maximum 255 bytes) placed in single quotes. Passwords are case sensitive. It is recommended that the password be composed of 7-bit ASCII characters, as other characters may not work correctly if the database server cannot convert from the client's character set to UTF-8.



Specifying user's role membership

On the next wizard step you can grant standard permissions to the new user being created. To create user group, check the Group authority box on Permissions tab.


Member of tab allows you to add the new user to an existing database group.



See also: User Editor

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