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Create Domain Wizard

New Domains are created within Create Domain Wizard. In order to run the wizard you should either


select the Object | Create Database Object... main menu item;
select the Domain icon in the Create Database Object dialog


select the Domains list or any object from that list in the explorer tree;
select the Create New Domain... item from the popup menu


open  and the Domains tab there;
press the Insert key or select the Create New Domain item from the popup menu (alternatively, you may use the corresponding link of the Navigation Bar).


To create a new Domain with the same properties as one of the existing Domains has:


select the Object | Duplicate Database Object... main menu item;
follow the instructions of Duplicate Object Wizard.

The basic principles of Create Object Wizards in ASA Maestro are covered by the corresponding topic. See below to find the description of wizard steps that are unique to the current object.


Specify the properties for the new Domain according to your needs. The detailed description is given below.




Data type

Select the underlying SQL data type for the domain.


Not Null

The checkbox indicates that the values of the Domain are not allowed to be null.


Default value

Set the value to be used as the value for the column in any INSERT statement that does not specify a value for the column.


Check expression

When creating an expression, you can use a variable name prefixed with the @ sign in the expression. When the data type is used in the definition of a column, such a variable is replaced by the column name. This allows Check conditions to be defined on data types and used by columns of any name.

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