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Simon Greener: "A lot of work went in to designing our application database. PHP Generator allowed us to build a fully functional, professional looking, and functionally powerful web application from that database. It has freed us from worrying about low level code, enabling us to focus on the business requirements of the customer. The support provided is excellent with staff quickly producing answers to questions ranging from newbie to simple or complex. I highly recommend the product".
Roger Brown: "Great product. The more I work with it, the more I am amazed at what it can do".


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PostgreSQL PHP Generator online Help

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Use this tab to specify default values for project output options.


PHP Driver

There are several PHP drivers to communicate with database servers and PostgreSQL PHP Generator allows you to select a driver to be used by the generated web application. Note that the corresponding set of PHP functions should be available on your web server.


Localization file

Use this field to define the interface language to be used for the generated application by default. Find out more on applications localization at the corresponding page.


Default output directory

Use this field to define the default output directory for the generated files.


You can also set here the output file extension and the default color scheme for the generated pages.


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