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Roger Brown: "Great product. The more I work with it, the more I am amazed at what it can do".
Simon Greener: "A lot of work went in to designing our application database. PHP Generator allowed us to build a fully functional, professional looking, and functionally powerful web application from that database. It has freed us from worrying about low level code, enabling us to focus on the business requirements of the customer. The support provided is excellent with staff quickly producing answers to questions ranging from newbie to simple or complex. I highly recommend the product".


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PostgreSQL PHP Generator online Help

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More customization options

Besides settings available in the Page Editor tool,  PostgreSQL PHP Generator allows you to customize created webpages in the following ways:


Built-in color schemes

The simplest way to adjust the look and feel of the result application is to select one of color schemes the software comes with.


A sample webpage generated using different color schemes.

A sample webpage generated using different color schemes.

Custom color scheme

This allows you to provide the application with a specific look and feel defining your own style sheet (or changing an existing one).


A sample webpage generated with custom color scheme.

A sample webpage generated with custom color scheme.


Header and Footer

These are fragments of HTML code that will be included into all the generated pages. They can be customized within the appropriate window at the last step of the wizard.


A sample webpage with specified header.

A sample webpage with specified header.

Custom Style Sheets

It is also possible to define custom styles to be applied after all pre-defined CSS rules. This can be useful to define such things as size of controls, text alignments, background images, and more. More about user-defined styles.



Events are pieces of code that are run when an action is taken by the user. Such events as OnBeforePageExecute, OnCustomRenderColumn, and OnCustomDrawRow can be used to change the webpage appearance. Please find some examples of using these and other events in our demo application and in the Resources section at the product home page. Open the User Javascript window to define functions to be called from event handlers and other client-side code for your website.


Custom templates

While all the previously described methods allow you to define colors, fonts, text alignments, and other display attributes of generated webpages, this one helps you to redesign the webpages entirely i.e. define what controls are displayed on a specific form, where they are displayed, and what they display. Live examples.


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