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Jad Cooper: "Your program is the best. I have only few hours but now I make very great data for my meeting".
J Canepa: "There is a lot of software out there for managing PostgreSQL. Yours is simply the best! Great product".


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PostgreSQL Maestro: Product Tour

Features of PostgreSQL Maestro:

Users and Privileges

PostgreSQL Maestro provides the easy-to-use graphical interface to manage PostgreSQL principals (Users and Roles) and their privileges.

Create User/Role Wizard allows you to specify all the principal properties and privileges as well as set up his membership and environment. The corresponding Editor is provided to edit all the existing principal information; you can also find there the list of his own objects.

The picture on the right displays the role creation process.

PostgreSQL Maestro allows managing access privileges (Grants) for PostgreSQL users and groups in the simplest way.

Suppose the user John may have Insert privileges on the table Employee. Just open the User (John) Editor and set there the necessary grant. At the same time you can open the Table (Employee) Editor to specify the user permission.

Consequently, when specific privileges for selecting, inserting, updating, deleting, ruling referencing, triggering an object (e.g. table, schema, view, tablespace etc.) are given, the object acquires the corresponding Permissions indicating which user or object was given a Grant.

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