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Armin Braunstein: "Also I must say, that your PostgreSQL Maestro tool is the best tool for PostgreSQL I have seen. For general I am really happy about the tool and how it works".
Jad Cooper: "Your program is the best. I have only few hours but now I make very great data for my meeting".


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PostgreSQL Maestro: Product Tour

Features of PostgreSQL Maestro:

Getting Started

PostgreSQL Maestro is a powerful Windows GUI solution for PostgreSQL server administration and database development.

PostgreSQL Maestro is designed to meet the requirements of PostgreSQL users and allow them manage their databases simpler and more comfortable. This tool provides you with a lot of exceptional client-side features making your work with PostgreSQL easy and efficient:

  • Support for all versions of PostgreSQL versions starting from 7.3 including roles, tablespaces, partitions, extensions, and so on;
  • User-friendly interface with navigation style, well-described wizard system, quick launch panel for performing the commonest operations;
  • Easy PostgreSQL database objects management;
  • Visual Database Designer with reverse engineering and a lot of other features;
  • PL/pgSQL Debugger to investigate and fix your PL/pgSQL code in the shortest way;
  • Comfortable access to the PostgreSQL security features;
  • Powerful tools for working with SQL queries including Visual Query Builder;
  • Flexible customization of the application.

With all its features PostgreSQL Maestro will be an everyday assistant in your work with PostgreSQL server.

The list of useful features provided for PostgreSQL Maestro users can be continued. The following advanced features are provided for your use:

  • Easy database management: the conception of database profiles gives you the opportunity to connect to databases in one touch and work with the selected databases only;
  • Powerful BLOB viewer/editor: view and edit the content of the BLOB fields in various representations;
  • Data export tools: export your data from PostgreSQL tables and queries to 20+ most popular formats including MS Excel, MS Access, MS Word, HTML, XML, PDF, and more;
  • Data import tools: import your data to PostgreSQL tables from MS Excel, MS Access, XML, DBF, TXT, and CSV;
  • Report designer: generate well-looked printable reports from your database in a few minutes.

The list above is not complete. PostgreSQL Maestro allows you, for example, to create a new table in a few mouse clicks, get SQL dump of your metadata and data, run SQL scripts, copy a table from one database to another by drag-n-drop operations or by pressing Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V hot key combinations and a lot of other features.