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J Canepa: "There is a lot of software out there for managing PostgreSQL. Yours is simply the best! Great product".
Shafiq Far: "Just wanted to let you know that I think the SQL Maestro for Postgres is excellent. We've tried a variety over the past few years and none are even close to yours. Well done".


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PostgreSQL Maestro: Product Tour

Features of PostgreSQL Maestro:

Database Management

Create Database Wizard guides you through the process of creating a new database.

To run the wizard, select the Database | Create New Database... main menu item or click the Create New Database button on the main toolbar.

To start working with PostgreSQL databases in PostgreSQL Maestro, you should first create one or multiple database profiles using Create Database Profiles Wizard.

To run the wizard, select the Database | Create Database Profiles... main menu item or use the Shift+Ctrl+P hot key combination. You can also click the Create Database Profiles button on the main toolbar.

With PostgreSQL Maestro you can connect to remote PostgreSQL servers with restricted access via HTTP tunneling.

For this purpose you need to upload the connection PHP script (pgsql_tunnel.php) to your website and enter the script URL as a connection option.

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