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Server Variables

There are a lot of configuration parameters that affect the behavior of the database system. All parameter (server variables) names are case-insensitive. These variables can be used to select default connection parameter values, to avoid hard-coding database connection information into simple client applications, for example. They also can be used to specify default behavior for PostgreSQL session. Every variable of this type takes a value of one of four types: Boolean, Integer, Floating Point or String.


Server variables are edited within Server Variable Editor. In order to open the editor you should either


select the server variables for editing in the explorer tree (type the first letters of the  server variable name for quick search);
select the Edit Server Variable item from the popup menu


open the server in Server Editor and the Server Variables tab there;
select the server variables to edit;
press the Enter key or select the Edit Server Variable item from the popup menu (alternatively, you can use the corresponding link of the Navigation Bar).

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