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PostgreSQL Maestro online Help

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Create Cast Wizard

Create Cast Wizard guides you through the process of creating a new cast language. See How To Create a New Cast to learn how to run this wizard.


The basic principles of Create Object Wizards in PostgreSQL Maestro are explained in a separate topic. Below you will find a description of wizard steps that are unique for the current object.




The box allows you to set optional text to describe the new cast.


Source Type

Specify the name of the source data type of the cast.


Target Type

Set the name of the target data type of the cast.



The function used to perform the cast. The function name may be schema-qualified. If it is not, the function will be looked up in the schema search path. The function result data type must match the target type of the cast. Specify no function to indicate that no function is required to perform the cast.


Context (Assignment, Implicit, Explicit)

Assignment indicates that the cast may be invoked implicitly in assignment contexts. Implicit indicates that the cast may be invoked implicitly in any context. By default, a cast can be invoked only by an Explicit cast.


Note: Remember that if you want to be able to convert types both ways you need to declare casts both ways explicitly.

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