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PostgreSQL Maestro online Help

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Editing language properties

Language Editor provides you with an ability to edit language properties. The Properties tab allows you to change the language name, the language handler and validator functions and the comment for the language. You can also find the OID there.



Here you can change the language name.



This filed stores a comment to the language.



The field contains the language OID (object identifier).


Trusted specifies that the call handler for the language is safe, that is, it does not offer an unprivileged user any functionality to by pass access restrictions.


Handler Function

Specify the name of a previously registered function that will be called to execute the procedural language functions.


Validator Function

Edit the name of a previously registered function that will be called when a new function in the language is created, to validate the new function.


To apply the changes, select the Apply Changes item in the Navigation bar or use Ctrl+F9 or Ctrl+F7 shortcut keys.


It is also possible to modify object properties without opening the object editor: use the Object Properties item of the popup menu of the selected object from the explorer tree.

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