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The collation feature allows specifying the sort order and character classification behavior of data per-column, or even per-operation. PostgreSQL allows to define a new collation using the specified operating system locale settings, or by copying an existing collation. To be able to create a collation, you must have CREATE privilege on the destination schema.

To create a new collation, set the specified operating system locale for the LC_COLLATE locale category, to be used to control the sort order. But it is rarely necessary in practice to have an LC_CTYPE locale category setting that is different from LC_COLLATE, so it is more convenient to collect these under one concept than to create another infrastructure for setting LC_CTYPE per expression. A collation is tied to a character set encoding. The same collation name may exist for different encodings.


To use a collation, specify it at the Field Editor or on a domain creation.



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