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PostgreSQL Database Converter online Help

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Use this tab to define rules to be used for converting process.


Converting error behavior

On creating

Select the action to be executed when an error occurs on creating a schema object: continue or abort objects creation.


On importing

Select the action to be executed when an error occurs during the data importing: abort importing, skip current table, or continue importing.


Action on database integrity error

Identifier name is too long

Use this option to define the application behavior in case the target schema contains an identifier which name is longer than allowed by PostgreSQL .

Select Ignore to use this name in the object definition. In this case this identifier will be included into the SQL definition with the specified name.
Use Set name manually to enter a new name allowed by server in the Database integrity errors dialog window or in the Target object properties tab.
It the Define name automatically option is selected, a name like "Table01", "Index03", and so on will be assigned for this object by the server.


Field in foreign key and referenced field have no similar data types

This option defines whether the application will change the data type of the foreign field to the data type of the referenced field automatically or will ignore this integrity error.



Drop existing target tables before converting

Check this option to recreate existing target tables.


Use unidirectional cursors

To improve data import performance, set this option to true, restricting a cursor to forward movement through a result set.


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