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Code Factories advanced to version 8.7

Jul 10, 2008

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SQL Maestro Group is happy to announce the release of Code Factory 8.7, a premier GUI tool for managing SQL queries and scripts. There are versions for MySQL, MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQLite, Firebird, DB2 and MaxDB.

Each family tool is keeping all the features implemented in our products since June, 2007. The main things are as follows:

DBMS-related features:

  • Support of Unicode/UTF-8 data has been implemented.

  • A possibility of connecting to remote MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite databases via HTTP tunneling has been added. The technology works as follows:

    • Upload the connection PHP script to your website. The scripts are named mysql_tunnel.php, pgsql_tunnel.php and sqlite_tunnel.php for MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite accordingly and can be found under the corresponding installation folder.

    • Test the script in your web-browser (optionally).

    • Enter the script URL in the Create Profiles wizard or Edit Database Profile dialog. Of course you should turn ON the "I have to use HTTP tunneling" option.

  • Oracle Code Factory now supports all the Oracle database server versions from 8i to 11g.

  • The Quick Connect mode has been implemented. Use it to skip metadata refreshing when connecting to a database.

Interface improvements:

  • The SQL Formatter for DML statements (SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE) is implemented. It can be invoked by means of the Format SQL link on the SQL Editor's navigation bar (Ctrl+Alt+D shortcut).

  • The SQL Generator tool has been implemented. Use this feature to produce various SQL scripts (CREATE, DROP, SELECT, INSERT, etc) for the selected object. The result script can be saved to a file, copied to clipboard, and opened in SQL Editor or SQL Script Editor.

  • Some new features have been incorporated into SQL Editor and SQL Script Editor. Now it is possible:

    • comment/uncomment selected text (Shift+Ctrl+. / Shift+Ctrl+, shortcuts respectively). If no text is selected, the whole line will be commented. By the way, it is not necessary to select commented text to uncomment it, just press Shift+Ctrl+, having the cursor inside the commented text. Both kinds of comments (single-line and multi-line) are supported;

    • convert selected text to different cases (lower, UPPER, and NameCase);

    • export the contents of the editor to RTF and HTML formats (to file or to clipboard);

    • create a new query, close existing one, save the query to profile, etc. using a popup menu that has been added to each query tab;

    • print/preview the contents of the editor;

    • use the script runner to execute large scripts without opening them in the editor window.

  • Data Grid has been significantly updated:

    • Starting with this version it is possible to use the lookup editor for a column, which is linked by a foreign key with a (single) column from another table. The editor displays the contents of parent table’s columns within the dropdown window.

    • Now the grid automatically switches to the Simple mode for queries that return more than 5000 records (the number can be customized in the Options dialog). This mode allows you to get thousands and millions of records displayed in a few seconds, but does not feature filtering, grouping and sorting abilities.

    • Now it is possible to encrypt the contents of the selected cell by the md5 algorithm (the corresponding item has been added to grid's popup menu).

  • A lot of other minor improvements and corrections have been made.

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