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Oracle PHP Generator online Help

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How to connect to Oracle

Connection properties

Specify the connection parameters for a database you want Oracle PHP Generator to work with.


Script connection properties

These parameters will be used by the generated web application. By default they are the same as parameters used by Oracle PHP Generator but you can change them if necessary. For example, if you are working with a remote database located at your web hosting and your database server and web server are installed on the same computer, you have to specify the value of the Host parameter as localhost.


To connect to an Oracle database with Oracle PHP Generator, specify the following connection options:


User name

Use the field to specify the username to be used to connect to Oracle.



Enter the password for the user account on server.


Database name

An entry from TNSNames.ora.


Connect mode

Allows you to connect with required administrative privileges (SYSDBA or SYSOPER). More information.


Check Use Operating system authentication to allow Oracle to pass control of user authentication to the operating system. The technology works as follows:

First, create an OS user (if it doesn't exist).
Check a value of the Oracle OS_AUTHENT_PREFIX initialization parameter. Current value of this parameter can be retrieved using the followng query:



WHERE NAME  = 'os_authent_prefix'


The default value is OPS$. The initialization parameter can be modified with the ALTER SYSTEM command.

Create a database user. The user must use the external identification and its name must be the prefix value concatenated to the OS username (on Windows platforms you would expect an Oracle username of "OPS$DOMAIN\MY_USER" for the user "my_user").


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