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Oracle Maestro online help

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PL/SQL Debugger

The PL/SQL Debugger tool allows you to debug PL/SQL code such as procedures and functions (both stand-alone and packaged) using traditional debugging features such as setting breakpoints, viewing variable values, and examining the call stack.


To start working with the debugger, choose the Tools | PL/SQL Debugger main menu item. You can also use the corresponding link at the Navigation bar of the Procedure/Function Editor or select the appropriate command from the object pop-up menu in the Explorer tree.


Note: To debug a function/procedure with nested ones, compile them with debug information in advance. Procedures/functions/packages that were compiled in this way have differing object icon in the Explorer tree.

Note: You can also debug an anonymous PL/SQL block. Just open PL/SQL Debugger and paste/enter the script.




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