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Laurits Sogaard Nielsen: "Oracle Maestro (and also MS SQL Maestro) are the perfect substitutes for TOAD and in some ways also much better products (they are much cheaper, and the support is fast and easy). I'm looking forward to getting much more experience with both products, that already now have proven themselves to be fantastic".
Bernhard Hartl: "Oracle Maestro works great - thank you for that really good product and the very good User Interface".


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Oracle Maestro online help

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PL/SQL Debugger

The PL/SQL Debugger tool allows you to debug PL/SQL code such as procedures and functions (both stand-alone and packaged) using traditional debugging features such as setting breakpoints, viewing variable values, and examining the call stack.


To start working with the debugger, choose the Tools | PL/SQL Debugger main menu item. You can also use the corresponding link at the Navigation bar of the Procedure/Function Editor or select the appropriate command from the object pop-up menu in the Explorer tree.


Note: To debug a function/procedure with nested ones, compile them with debug information in advance. Procedures/functions/packages that were compiled in this way have differing object icon in the Explorer tree.

Note: You can also debug an anonymous PL/SQL block. Just open PL/SQL Debugger and paste/enter the script.




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