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Bernhard Hartl: "Oracle Maestro works great - thank you for that really good product and the very good User Interface".
Laurits Sogaard Nielsen: "Oracle Maestro (and also MS SQL Maestro) are the perfect substitutes for TOAD and in some ways also much better products (they are much cheaper, and the support is fast and easy). I'm looking forward to getting much more experience with both products, that already now have proven themselves to be fantastic".


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Oracle Maestro online help

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Create Synonym Wizard

New synonyms are created within Create Synonym Wizard. In order to run the wizard you should either


select the Object | Create Database Object... main menu item;
select the Synonym icon in the Create Database Object dialog


select the Synonyms list or any object from that list in the explorer tree;
select the Create New Synonym... item from the popup menu


open the schema in Schema Editor and the Synonyms tab there;
press the Insert key or select the Create New Synonym... item from the popup menu (alternatively, you may use the corresponding link of the Navigation Bar).


To create a new synonym with the same properties as one of the existing synonyms has:


select the Object | Duplicate Database Object... main menu item;
follow the instructions of Duplicate Object Wizard.

The basic principles of Create Object Wizards in Oracle Maestro are covered by the corresponding topic. See below to find the description of wizard steps that are unique to the current object.



Select the owner for the synonym.  


Database link

You can specify a complete or partial database link to create a synonym for a schema object on a remote database where the object is located. If you specify the link and omit schema, then the synonym refers to an object in the schema specified by the database link.



Specify the base object that the synonym references.


See also: Synonym Editor


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