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Oracle Code Factory online Help

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Setting profile options

To create a new profile, set the database name you want to connect.



Login prompt before connection

Use the option to enable Oracle Code Factory to prompt for user name and password every time you connect to the database.


Show system objects

Check the box to make system objects visible.


Keep connection alive

Check the box for pinging server before each query execution.


Connect at startup

With this option on connection to the profile database is automatically established at the application startup.


New objects' names (Don't change case, Convert to upper case, Convert to lower case)

The option allows you to specify the newly created objects case.


Retrieve only owned objects

Use the option to decrease a quantity of the objects represented in Explorer tree. If it's enabled the tree displays only the objects which owner is the current user.


Refresh whole database on connect

Use the option along with the Show empty schemas explorer options to hide/show empty schemas in the explorer tree.


Profile text color

Select the color to be used to represent the database profile name at the Explorer tree. For example this option may be useful to mark development and production databases in different colors in order to prevent casual metadata or data changes in the production.


Click the Ready button when done to start working with the selected databases in Oracle Code Factory.

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