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Lucian Nedescu: "Thank you very much. Have a nice century (this is a real wish :P). I think that i will do a great job on my clients database with the new php interface. Thank You again".
Charles Phillips: "I very much like the program and all of its functionality! Would be happy to give you an endorsement or recommend it to others - saves me a ton of time".


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Video tutorials

This page contains a number of video tutorials that will help you to get familiar with PHP Generator for MySQL. You can also find all these videos on our YouTube channel.

PHP Generator 16.9 new features

  • Part 1. Introduction to Column Filter

    Learn what is Column Filter, how it works and how to incorporate this feature into your applications.

  • Part 2. Customizing Column Filter

    Find out how to customize the Column Filter to make it much more convenient for your users.

  • Part 3. Record Comparison

    Learn how to compare multiple records and find the difference between their values in a few mouse clicks.

  • Part 4. Custom Form Layouts

    Find out how to customize layouts in Edit, Insert, and View forms.

  • Part 5. On-the-Fly Adding New Items to Lookup Controls New!

    Learn how to provide lookups with an ability to create new items directly in the popup modal dialog.

PHP Generator 16.3 new features

  • Part 1. Out-of-the-box Charts

    This new version allows you to create feature-rich, responsive, customizable, interactive charts directly from the PHP Generator UI.

  • Part 2. Embedded Video Support

    This new version allows you to display video clip thumbnails in the data grid and show full videos when a user click a thumbnail.

  • Part 3. Customizing Success/Error Messages

    This new version allows you to display a message to a user after a record has been inserted, updated, or deleted respectively.

Investigating NBA Demo

  • Part 1. Implementing runtime theme selection

    This video demonstrates how we implemented the theme selection menu in our NBA demo application.

  • Part 2. Record-level security

    This video demonstrates how to implement record-level security in an application created with PHP Generator.

PHP Generator 15.12 new features

  • Part 1. Enchanced Filter Builder

    This video describes how to build complex filter criteria with an unlimited number of filter conditions combined by logical operators.

  • Part 2. 100% Responsive design

    This video demonstrates how to generate responsive pages that look beautiful on any device from a mobile phone up to an extra-large desktop.

  • Part 3. Cards Layout

    This video shows how to create web applications displaying rows of table data as index cards. The number of cards represented horizontally depends of display resolution.