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Craig Cordell: "The simplicity of your code generator is fantastic. We've evaluated dozens of others over the past few years but have yet to find one that is as easy to use as yours".
Charles Phillips: "I very much like the program and all of its functionality! Would be happy to give you an endorsement or recommend it to others - saves me a ton of time".


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PHP Generator for MySQL online Help

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Root level pages

This list contains root-level pages i.e. pages that can be included into site menu. You can manage and customize these pages using the buttons on the right of the page list as described below.


All cells in the list are editable i.e. it is possible to edit the value of any cell directly in the list. To do so, just select the cell and click the left mouse button or the F2 key. All these values can be also set in the Page Properties dialog.



Opens Page Editor for the selected page.



Provides quick access to the Page Properties dialog which is also can be invoked in Page Editor.



Allows you to reorder the pages in the site menu.



Refreshes the database schema. If a new column detected in a page data source,  PHP Generator for MySQL asks you whether you want to include that column into the page. The behavior can be changed in the Application Options dialog.




Invokes a modal dialog that allows you to manage top-level site menu groups. To include a page into a group, click a cell in the Group column and select the desired group in the drop-down list.




Allows you quickly add a page without necessity to return to the previous step. Also using commands from this button's drop down list allows you to add two or more pages based on the same data source.



Clones the selected page. Settings you want to copy can be customized in the dialog window.




Removes the selected page from the list and website.



This button provides access to additional page management commands as described below.


Assign settings

Copies all or certain page settings from the current page to selected pages based on the same data source.



Reset, Reset All

Resets all the settings for selected page or for all pages to their default values specified in the Project Options dialog.

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