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Steve Morton: "First let me thank you for making this application Free. Best deal I have ever see for what it does".
Grey: "We're a two-person company, it's just me an my wife. I'm the technical guru, and she handles the business operations. I have to know a lot about MySQL, but that's much too technical for her. I have frequently had to setup CGI scripts (I code in Perl) so she can manage some of our tables (suppliers, manufacturers, etc).

I discovered PHP Generator a couple of days ago, tried the free version,and within a few hours I had purchased the Pro version (as well as SQL Maestro for MySQL).

Today I am completing the conversion of the last of my custom table managers to PHP Generator. This is eliminating several thousand lines of code that I don't have to support any more!

Thanks for this fantastic product".


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PHP Generator for MySQL online Help

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Allows to provide a page with a text block located below the page header. HTML tags are allowed. The code in the examples below should be placed into the OnPreparePage event handler.



function setDescription($value)


Example 1:

To provide a page with a description "Top 100 Greatest Actors of All Time", place the following code in the event body:


$this->setDescription("Top 100 Greatest Actors of All Time");


Example 2:

In this example the description is loaded from an external file. In this case you can modify the text directly in the file without regenerating the application.


$description = file_get_contents('external_data/descriptions/actors.html');


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