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Steven Langfield: "I wanted to drop you a mail to say how freaking AMAZING your software is. It will be the best £100 I have ever spent. I have still to read all your documentation to take full advantage but what you have created is truly amazing".
Philipp Gerber: "

The product is so easy and super built that you can achieve visible and great success after a short time. Also very much possible with the product. A class product. I'm already looking forward to the next versions and extensions. Keep it up.

Support to the product is just perfect. Each Support request is quickly and very competent solved. Also various assistance, which does not fall into a support, are also perfectly processed. There is a direct wire to the manufacturer / developer and this is notth. Thanks for the class Support".


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PHP Generator for MySQL online Help

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PHP Generator for MySQL allows you to customize the way it works within the Options dialog. To open the dialog, use the More button and select Options at the drop-down list.


The window allows you to customize the options grouped by the following sections:


General PHP Generator for MySQL options: generation rules, default page options, and display data formats.


Customizing of all the SQL editors.


Customizing program interface - bars, trees, menus, etc.


It is a good idea to check through these settings before you start working with PHP Generator for MySQL. You may be surprised at all the things you can adjust and configure!

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