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Dave Lantz: "I have to say that I simple love this product and its ease of use. I know that I have only tapped into about 20% of what it can do. In my business I come into a lot of contact with developers and I tell them all, that if they need an easy way to connect, report or work their databases they MUST check out your products".
David Lantz: "Thank you, this is by far the simplest, and most friendly utility for building db record system I have ever used. I wish I could get my systems guys at the office to purchase this for our company would be so very helpful and speed up a lot of work. I for one have used it for everything from a simple inventory record of my house, to a members record for my church just little pet projects and a test bed to test my own db builds and theories before having to hand code at the office..... it is a lot of fun to work with".


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PHP Generator for MySQL online Help

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Returns the caption of a certain control.



function getCaption()


Let's see the difference between getValue() and getCaption() functions. Assume we we have a Combobox editor with the following properties:



... and the second item is selected:



The following code shows the difference between these functions:


var value = editors['color'].getValue(); // value == 2

var caption =  editors['color'].getCaption(); // caption == 'yellow'


See also: addItem, removeItem, getItemCount, clear

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