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Ran / Cole: "We bought the tool last week and want to say how much we love it. We've found it not only powerful, but very user friendly. We have used the tool to create an interface that manages our MySQL DB for different types of users".
David Lantz: "Thank you, this is by far the simplest, and most friendly utility for building db record system I have ever used. I wish I could get my systems guys at the office to purchase this for our company would be so very helpful and speed up a lot of work. I for one have used it for everything from a simple inventory record of my house, to a members record for my church just little pet projects and a test bed to test my own db builds and theories before having to hand code at the office..... it is a lot of fun to work with".


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PHP Generator for MySQL online Help

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To reduce the number of records available at the page, specify the Filter condition. This condition corresponds to the WHERE clause of the query returned page data (you must not add the WHERE keyword to beginning of the condition).


Example 1

There is a table with test questions of a Web programming course. To display only questions of the 'Beginner' level (level_id = 2) concerning to PHP (statement_language_id = 1), set the filter condition as follows:




Example 2

You can use subqueries in the filter expression. For example, to display the list of channels that hosted even if a single game, specify the Filter condition as follows:


( > 0) AND IN 


  SELECT game.channel_id 

  FROM game


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