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SQL Maestro Group / Products / MySQL / News / SQL Maestro for MySQL 8.10 released

SQL Maestro for MySQL 8.10 released

Oct 20, 2008

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SQL Maestro Group is happy to announce the release of SQL Maestro for MySQL 8.10, a powerful Windows GUI solution for MySQL administration and database development.

Please consider the list of new features implemented in this version since last official release:

Server management extensions:
  • An ability of using the LOAD DATA INFILE command has been incorporated into the Import Data wizard. This feature can speed up the import process up to 10 times so it is recommended to use it always if possible. Also we have added the Empty table before importing option (can be found at the last step of the wizard).

  • Get SQL Dump Wizard and Extract Database Wizard now can generate multi-row INSERT statements. Also both the wizards have been redesigned to increase the usability.

Interface improvements:
  • Data grid features the following things:

    • Starting with this version it is possible to use the lookup editor for a column, which is linked by a foreign key with a (single) column from another table. The editor displays the contents of parent table’s columns within the dropdown window.

    • A possibility of displaying data in the master-detail form has been incorporated into the Table Editor (multiple detail pages can be displayed for a single master row). Use the Show/Hide details link at the editor’s navigation bar to activate/deactivate this view mode.

    • Filtering, grouping, and sorting features become available for TEXT columns.

  • Database Designer settings: the Show hints option has been added. Also it is now possible to select the default graphic file format to export diagrams as images.

  • Data Export, Data Import, and Get SQL Dump wizards now store their size and position.

  • Database Explorer: the Data management group has been added to table and view nodes popup menus. Use this group items to run Data Export, Data Import, and Get SQL Dump wizards for the selected table or view without opening its editor (the Empty Table command has been moved to this group too). The Go to foreign table command is now available for all the foreign keys.

In addition to this, several bugs have been fixed and some other minor improvements and corrections have been made.

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