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SQL Maestro Group / Products / MySQL / News / MySQL Maestro 1.9 released

MySQL Maestro 5.4 (former version 1.9) released

Apr 28, 2005

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You are welcome to get acquainted with the new features implemented in our software:

1. Stored procedures and functions are now compiled correctly under MySQL 5.0.3 and higher.

2. Support of character sets and collations is added to the Create Database and DELETE FROM wizards (for MySQL 4.1.x and 5.x).

3. Support of new MySQL privileges is implemented. Now it is possible to grant/revoke CREATE VIEW and SHOW VIEW privileges (MySQL 5.0.1 or higher) as well as CREATE ROUTINE, ALTER ROUTINE and CREATE USER privileges for MySQL 5.0.3+.

4. The "Manage Database Objects" submenu is added in the popup menu of the Explorer Tree. Use it to quickly open Object Manager tool with database tables, views, procedures, etc.

5. All database objects now can be dragged from the Explorer Tree to the SQL Script Editor field (the SQL definition of the object will be pasted). Also you can drag-n-drop tables and views from the Explorer Tree to the SQL Editor field; in this case a SELECT statement will be generated.

6. The Ctrl+F7 and Ctrl+F9 shortcuts now can be used to compile views, procedures, and functions.

7. Russian localization included into the installation package (thanks to Elmir Mirdiev). Earlier our software was also translated to French and Italian languages.

8. The "Close Views" item is added to the Main Menu | Windows | Close submenu.

9. Double-click the column header area of an object list (fields, indexes, etc) does not invoke the corresponding editor anymore. Similarly you can double-click the Data Grid's header does not invoke the Data Input Form.

10. Default values are now displayed correctly in the field list.

11. Fixed the bug with editing DATETIME fields in the Data Grid and Data Input Form.

12. Some other improvements and bugfixes.

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