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SQL Maestro Group / Products / MySQL / News / MySQL Maestro 1.8 released

MySQL Maestro 4.12 (former version 1.8) released

Dec 17, 2004

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Consider the improvements made in MySQL Maestro 4.12:

1. The Code Insight system now supports aliases in SELECT queries. For example, you can type something similar
SELECT * from mytable t where t.
and MySQL Maestro will display you the list of all the table fields in the popup window.

2. Since this version it is possible to use the "Database Tools" item in the popup menu of the Explorer Tree and Database Profile Manager to get access to some frequently used modules such as SQL Editor, Visual Query Builder, Extract Database, etc more quickly.

3. The Add Index window is redesigned to make index creation more comfortable.

4. Now MySQL Maestro does not disconnect from an active database if you change its profile properties (except changing server or database name).

5. Data Grid: double click on the grid now to invoke the Data Input Form. We have also added shortcuts for such operations as Export Data, Import Data, Get SQL Dump, etc.

6. It is now possible to open object editors directly from the BLOB Viewer (see the "Edit BLOB Source" link).

7. MySQL Help System is now available for the Security Manager.

8. Some interface changes for improving multilingual support.

9. Some other minor improvements and bug fixes.

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