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David Boccabella: "I have really!!!! enjoyed using SQL Maestro for MySQL over the past few months. It has become one of our major development tools for implementing intelligent into MySQL databases".
Tad Stephens: "I think this is a great product and your quick and helpful reply has shown me the support is there as well. I will purchasing my license today".


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SQL Maestro for MySQL product tour

Features of SQL Maestro for MySQL:

Working with Database Objects

Database Explorer is the basic feature of SQL Maestro for MySQL which allows you to perform almost all operations upon databases and their objects.

The Database Explorer field occupies the left side of SQL Maestro for MySQL main window. Use it to create new database objects, duplicate, rename objects and open object editors.

Within the explorer tree you can view both database objects and those pertaining to the server (e.g. server Variables).

The explorer also provides quick view of object properties available through the corresponding popup menu item.

SQL Maestro for MySQL provides you with powerful tools to manage database objects. Wizards and editors designed for creating, editing and dropping database objects in different ways are at your disposal.

The Create Database Object dialog allows you to select the type of the object to be created and run the appropriate wizard (or open the appropriate dialog).

To open the dialog select the Object | Create Database Object... main menu item.

You can also use Duplicate Object Wizard to create a new database object with the same properties as one of the existing objects has.

Select the Object | Duplicate Database Object... main menu item to run the wizard.

Object Browser and Object Manager are tools aimed at operating on database objects efficiently.

The both tools are designed as extensions of Database Explorer with advanced features (such as multiple selecting of objects (for copying, dropping, filtering etc.) and the ability of using drag-and-drop operations between Object Manager and Database Explorer as well as between two instances of Object Manager) implemented.

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