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Manu Gupta: "What I can say about it is that its simply awesome. I just used it for a day only, and explored a lot of things in it. Wow, its great. Thanks for such a nice tool. My wishes are with you".
Renaud Lepage: "I was searching for a powerful server management as well as data management application, that could also have the ability to use stored procedures (MySQL5). I was using many separate apps. And then I stumbled upon this application. It just got better. With ease-of-use, powerful management, a very good level of customization, great MySQL server management and the very lushed graphical interface, MySQL Maestro is a product to consider seriously. I chose MySQL and this, to SQL Server 2000 and the MMC-integrated server management, for use in a programming course. I'm telling you, MySQL Maestro is a very powerful tool. Try it, you won't regret it".


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SQL Maestro for MySQL resource

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The article puts forward a scenario for implementing row level security in MySQL 5.x.
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Find out the way MySQL Maestro can help you to realize the new MySQL 5.1 features in practice. Detailed examples are included.
Article: Use the power of new MySQL 5 features with MySQL Maestro!
Get to know all the new features of MySQL 5 (ACID Transactions, Stored Procedures and Functions, Triggers, Views, etc.) and the way MySQL Maestro can help you to use them easily and effectively in practice from our new article. Examples are included.
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