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Adam Allen: "I just have to say WOW!!! I'm so glad that you guys have developed something that is so useful for MySql. I am able to graphically view my tables, and I don't even have to think about my queries because I can visually design them. I just stumbled upon this, and I'm already very excited about it".
Christian Novak: "Really good Job! I love this software and will buy it soon! Greetings from Austria".


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SQL Maestro for MySQL online help

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Function Editor

Function Editor allows you to execute the existing Function, and edit its definition (Function name, parameter list, etc.). In order to open the editor you should either


select the Function for editing in the explorer tree (type the first letters of the  Function name for quick search);
select the Edit Function item from the popup menu


open  and the Functions tab there;
select the Function to edit;
press the Enter key or select the Edit Function item from the popup menu (alternatively, you may use the corresponding link of the Navigation Bar).


The basic principles of Object Editors in SQL Maestro for MySQL are explained in a separate topic. Below you will find a description of editor tabs that are unique for the current object.



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