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Data Wizard for MySQL online help

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Command line options

Data Wizard for MySQL supports a number of command line options that make it possible to fully automate the data management operations.


The Data Wizard for MySQL command line syntax is as follows:

mydatawizard[.exe] <task> <template_file_name> [<log_file_name>]



The Data Wizard for MySQL program file.


An operation to execute. It can be one of the following:

import (for Data Importing tasks);

export (for Data Exporting tasks);

sqldump (for SQL Dump tasks);

blobimport (for BLOB Import tasks);

blobexport (for BLOB Export tasks).


The template with all the task's settings.


The name of text file to store log information (optionally).



The examples below assume that you are entering the command lines in the Data Wizard for MySQL program directory.  Don't forget to enclose all paths and filenames containing spaces in quotes.

mydatawizard export "C:\Templates\Export\MySQL\northwind.extx" "C:\Logs\Export_to_MySQL_NBA_db.log"
pgdatawizard.exe import  "D:\Templates\Import\PostgreSQL\northwind.imtx"
mydatawizard.exe sqldump "C:\Templates\SQLDump\MySQL\sakila.sdmpx" "C:\Logs\SQLDump\MySQL\sakila.log"

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