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PHP Generators uploaded

Mar 22, 2017

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PHP Generator

SQL Maestro Group is happy to announce a release of PHP Generator, a GUI frontend that allows you to build high-quality and feature-rich data-driven web applications for your database in minutes. There are versions for MySQL, MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQLite, Firebird, DB2, SQL Anywhere and MaxDB.

Please find below a detailed description of the most interesting features added in this version. Other new features, corrections, and fixes can be found in the Changelog.

  • OnGetCustomPagePermissions and OnGetCustomRecordPermissions events have been added. These events allow you to grant permissions to the users at page and record level accordingly in the most flexible way possible. For example, you can implement a role-based permission model, load permissions from any data source, and so on.
  • Quick Filter has been improved. Now it allows you to select columns to search as well as specify the search condition (Contains, Begins with, etc). To access advanced settings, click the arrow on the right of the edit box.
    Enhanced Quick FilterPicture 1. Enhanced Quick Filter
  • Data Printing: it is now possible to print selected records. Just mark one or more records, then select the Print command from the Selection Management button's menu. The print/grid.tpl template (or its overriding version) will be used for this kind of printing.
    Printing Selected RecordsPicture 2. Printing Selected Records
  • Multi-level Autocomplete Editor: from now on you can define a filter condition for each level separately. Variables like %CURRENT_USER_ID% are allowed.
    Filter Condition for a certain levelPicture 3. Filter Condition for a certain level
  • Starting from this version it is possible to provide descriptions for menu groups. Such descriptions are displayed on the index pages of the website and groups.
    Menu Group DescriptionPicture 4. Menu Group Description
  • OnAfterLogin event: $canLogin and $errorMessage parameters have been added. These parameters allow you to (temporarily) disable access to the website, for example, for users who are on vacations or for fired employees.
  • HTML WYSIWYG Editor: support for changing text and background colors has been added.
    HTML WYSIWYG EditorPicture 5. HTML WYSIWYG Editor
  • Editors based on input type="file" control (like Upload File or Upload Image to Folder): it is now possible to restrict types of files displayed in the file loading dialog.
    File Type SelectionPicture 6. File Type Selection

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