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Albert Rognan: "Thank you for this quick reply. I must say I am impressed of the number of functions that is available within this tool".
DavidNR: "MS SQL Maestro is a great app. Loved it. I only used it for its blob support thus far, very nice and very fast".


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Specifying additional parameters

Specify options according to your needs. The detailed description is given below.


MDF File To Attach

You should specify a MDF file to attach.


Attach As

This field defines the name of the new database. Database names must be unique within an instance of SQL Server.



Specify the owner in the field. By default, only the owner of an object can perform various operations with the object. In order to allow other users to operate it, privileges must be granted. (However, users that have the superuser attribute can always access any object.)


Rebuild Log

Specifies that the database is created by attaching an existing set of the operating system files. This option is limited to read/write databases. If one or more transaction log files are missing, the log file is rebuilt.


Service Broker Option

Controls Service Broker options on the database. Service Broker options are enable broker, new broker and error broker conversations.


Enable broker

Specifies that Service Broker is enabled for the specified database.

New broker

Creates a new service_broker_guid in sys.databases and the restored database.

Error broker conversations

Ends all conversations with an error that indicates a copy of the broker has been created.


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