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MS SQL Maestro online Help

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Create XML Schema Collection Wizard

New XML schema collections are created within Create XML Schema Collection Wizard. In order to run the wizard you should either


select the Object | Create Database Object... main menu item;
select the XML Schema Collection icon in the Create Database Object dialog


select the XML Schema Collections list or any object from that list in the explorer tree;
select the Create New XML Schema Collection... item from the popup menu


open the schema in Schema Editor and the XML Schema Collections tab there;
press the Insert key or select the Create New XML Schema Collection... item from the popup menu (alternatively, you may use the corresponding link of the Navigation Bar).


To create a new XML schema collection with the same properties as one of the existing XML schema collections has:


select the Object | Duplicate Database Object... main menu item;
follow the instructions of Duplicate Object Wizard.


The basic principles of Create Object Wizards in MS SQL Maestro are explained in a separate topic. Below you will find a description of wizard steps that are unique for the current object.


To add a new XML Schema Collection, specify the following properties.



Defines the owner of the XML Schema Collection.



Specify a comment to the XML Schema Collection.



Is a string constant or scalar variable. Is varchar, varbinary, nvarchar, or xml type. You need not to set the definition on XML Schema Collection on creation. It is an optional wizard step. You can do it later using a non-modal editor.


See also: XML Schema Collection Editor

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