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Editing properties

The Properties tab consists of two parts: Parameters and Properties.


The Parameters tab contains the list of the current CLR procedure parameters with its options. Here you can find the Name and the Type of each parameter of the CLR procedure and also the Comment for the parameter.


The Properties tab allows you to specify CLR procedure options according to your needs. The detailed description is given below.



You can edit the CLR procedure name here.



The field represents the owner of the CLR procedure. By default, only the owner of an object can perform various operations with the object. In order to allow other users to operate it, privileges must be granted. (However, users that have the superuser attribute can always access any object.)



Specify a comment to the CLR procedure.


Create Date

Indicates the date when the CLR procedure was created.


Modify Date

Indicates the date when the CLR procedure was last modified.


Execute As

Specifies the security context under which to execute the CLR procedure (For details see Execute As Clause (Microsoft SQL 2005 References)).



Here you can find the list of the CLR procedure parameters.


Assembly, Class, Method

Specifies the method of a .NET Framework assembly for a CLR stored procedure to reference. Class must be a valid SQL Server identifier and must exist as a class in the Assembly.

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