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Dan Flazer: "Your new product and your assistance with us was excellent...will prove invaluable to the future of our company".
Paul Slicky: "I just want to say this has been the fastest, greatest, and most coopertive tool I have ever had. It turned out to be easy to use and very slick. Keep up the good work".


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Features of MaxDB Maestro:

Database Management

To start working with MaxDB databases in MaxDB Maestro, you should first create one or multiple database profiles using Create Database Profiles Wizard.

To run the wizard, select the Database | Create Database Profiles... main menu item or use the Shift+Ctrl+P hot key combination. You can also click the Create Database Profiles button on the main toolbar.

Database Profile Editor consists of several tabs that allow you to adjust the profile behaviour in the most convenient manner. The Connection tab allows you to edit database connection properties and the database alias.

Options represents a set of properties to automatize common manipulations with databases (a possibility to connect to the database at MaxDB Maestro startup, login prompt before connection, etc.).

Use Scripts, After connect and Before disconnect tabs to specify the obligatory scripts to execute after MaxDB Maestro will connect to the database or before disconnect from the database.

You can also set default directories for database extract, data export, data import, data load, table backup/restore and data dump and specify corresponding log files.

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