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Carl Schammel: "I have been in search of a software product that was rich in features and easy for using, but was unable to find one until I came upon Firebird Maestro. Not only does it have all-inclusive integrated functionality, but SQL Maestro Group have provided me with superior support. I now have the management tools at my hand that I have been looking for".
Andrey Bistriy: "In our daily business we face the database management and refactoring. We were pleasantly surprised to discover SQL Maestro. After trying it out we started to use it on a regular basis".


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Features of Firebird Maestro:

Server Maintenance

Firebird Maestro provides you with graphical wizard interface for native Firebird server maintenance operations such as Backup and Restore databases, Shutdown databases and Bring databases online.

To facilitate your work with the server, SQL Maestro Group provided you with the appropriate wizards guiding you through the processes of backuping/restoring and attaching/detaching your databases.

The backup and restore components of Firebird Maestro allow you to create a copy of your database in a few mouse clicks. The backup process will appear to you like a fascinating walk with the Backup Database Wizard.

Working in Firebird Maestro, you can perform shutting down your database with eases.

Convince that the Firebird maintenance operations are popular with the products of SQL Maestro Group!