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Firebird Maestro online Help

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Package bodies

Firebird packages come in two parts: a  header (keyword PACKAGE) and a  body (keyword PACKAGE BODY). This division is very similar to a Delphi unit, the header corresponding to the interface part and the body corresponding to the implementation part.


The package is created first and the package body follows. Whenever a packaged routine determines that it uses a certain database object, a dependency on that object is registered in Firebird system tables. Thereafter, to drop, or maybe alter that object, you first need to remove what depends on it. As it is a package body that depends on it, that package body can just be dropped, even if some other database object depends on this package. When the body is dropped, the header remains, allowing you to recreate its body once the changes related to the removed object are done.


On the package creation the corresponding body is created. To specify its definition, select the package body in the Explorer tree and select the Edit Package Body... item from the popup menu.


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