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Neil McPherson: "Thanks very much for your advice. I would just like to add that SQL Maestro makes life so much easier to work with Firebird, I have tried some of the other management tools but Maestro is such a nicely organized product and it has never let me down".
Brian Vivian: "Thank you very much for making such a great product. It makes my job a LOT easier".


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Firebird Maestro online Help

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Domain Editor

Domain Editor is opened automatically after a new Domain is created and is available on editing the existing one (see Edit Domain for details).

The basic principles of Object Editors in Firebird Maestro are explained in a separate topic. Below you will find a description of editor tabs that are unique for the current object.


Domain Editor provides you with an ability to edit Domain properties. The Properties tab allows you to change the Domain name, the Domain owner, etc.





Here you can view and edit the Domain name. The name of the Domain must be unique among all the Domain names in the schema.



This field stores a comment to the Domain.


Data type

Select the underlying SQL data type for the domain.


Not Null

The checkbox indicates that the values of the Domain are not allowed to be null.



Define the charset for the CHAR, VARCHAR and BLOB data types.



Specify a collation sequence for the domain.



Creates a single CHECK constraint for the domain (Check constraint can be like VALUE <operator> value or VALUE [NOT] BETWEEN value AND value, etc.).


Default source

Specifies the default column value that is entered when no other entry is made; possible values are:

literal — inserts a specified string, numeric value, or date value;

NULL — enters a NULL value;

USER — enters the current user name; the column must be of compatible character type to use the default.



The field displays dimension of array.



To apply the changes, select the Apply Changes item in the Navigation bar or use Ctrl+F9 or Ctrl+F7 shortcut keys.


It is also possible to modify object properties without opening the object editor: use the Object Properties item of the popup menu of the selected object from the explorer tree.

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