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Ilakshi Rathod : "This tool is just wonderful. I have never seen any tool for DB2. This tool provides very good features which helps in ease us work as well as quick resolution of any errors.".
Jeff Rule: "I have to tell you I am really impressed. I have never had a software company turn around a bug fix like this so fast. I have been doing database work for over 20 years and that has never happened.".


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DB2 Maestro: Product Tour

Features of DB2 Maestro:

Users and Groups

DB2 Maestro provides the easy-to-use graphical interface to manage DB2 principals (Users and Groups) and their privileges.

Create User Wizard guides you through the process of creating a new database user. You can grant user privileges within the User Editor which is available after the user is created.

The corresponding Editor is provided to edit all the existing principal (user, role) information. The Properties tab represents all the principal options which are available for editing.

The Grants tab allows you to manage the user/group permission in the most convenient way. 

User Editor also contains a list of the user own objects as Objects tab.

DB2 Maestro allows managing access privileges (Grants) for DB2 users in the simplest way.

Suppose the user EMPLOYEE may have Insert privileges on the table COUNTRY. Just open the User (EMPLOYEE) Editor and set there the necessary grant. At the same time you can open the Table (COUNTRY) Editor to specify the user permission.

Consequently, when specific privileges for selecting, inserting, deleting, etc. are given, the object acquires the corresponding Permissions indicating which user or object was given a Grant.

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