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Jeff Rule: "I have to tell you I am really impressed. I have never had a software company turn around a bug fix like this so fast. I have been doing database work for over 20 years and that has never happened.".
Ilakshi Rathod : "This tool is just wonderful. I have never seen any tool for DB2. This tool provides very good features which helps in ease us work as well as quick resolution of any errors.".


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DB2 Maestro: Product Tour

Features of DB2 Maestro:

Database Management

To start working with DB2 databases in DB2 Maestro, you should first create one or multiple database profiles using Create Database Profiles Wizard.

To run the wizard, select the Database | Create Database Profiles... main menu item or use the Shift+Ctrl+P hot key combination. You can also click the Create Database Profiles button on the main toolbar.

Database Explorer is the basic feature of DB2 Maestro which allows you to perform all necessary operations upon databases and their objects.

The Database Explorer field occupies the left side of DB2 Maestro main window. Use it to create new database objects, duplicate, rename objects and open object editors.

The explorer also provides quick view of object properties available through the corresponding popup menu item.

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