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Jeff Rule: "I have to tell you I am really impressed. I have never had a software company turn around a bug fix like this so fast. I have been doing database work for over 20 years and that has never happened.".
Ilakshi Rathod : "This tool is just wonderful. I have never seen any tool for DB2. This tool provides very good features which helps in ease us work as well as quick resolution of any errors.".


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DB2 Maestro online Help

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Work with Objects

DB2 Maestro provides you with several tools to manage and navigate DB2 objects. To browse and modify objects, at least one connection to a database should be established.



The options to create or edit an object in DB2 Maestro follow the parameters defined by DB2. If you need clarification on what an option means or how it should be used, see DB2's documentation for more information. The documentation provides detailed description of objects, including their purpose, properties, and restrictions. The DB2 Maestro manual provides you with only brief review of DB2 objects.


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