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DB2 Code Factory

DB2 Code Factory

DB2 Code Factory is a premier DB2 GUI tool aimed at the SQL queries and scripts development. Key features include:

  • Visual Query Builder
  • Handy SQL Editor with code folding and syntax highlighting
  • Simultaneous executing of several queries with multi-threading
  • Data management: editing, grouping, sorting and filtering abilities
  • Data export to as many as 18 file formats
  • Data import from Excel, CSV, text files and more
  • Powerful BLOB Viewer/Editor

The application also provides you with a powerful set of tools to edit and execute SQL scripts, build visual diagrams for numeric data, customize user interface according to your needs and much more.

With all these features our software will be an everyday assistant in your work with DB2 database server.

Top 10 reasons to use DB2 Code Factory

Optimum price/quality ratio
DB2 Code Factory is a good choice for everyone who need build SQL statements and edit SQL scripts with a convenient easy-to-use interface
The software equips users with all the productivity tools they need to speed up the query building and data management processes, but costs much less than other similar products.
Clear in use
Even a newbie can use DB2 Code Factory
DB2 Code Factory provides you with a convenient easy-to-use interface, so it really does not require a deep knowledge of DB2 from its users. You will hardly come across any difficulties when running implemented services.
Code folding, syntax highlighting, and code completion
Working with queries and scripts becomes easy
DB2 Code Factory supports SQL query syntax highlighting and code completion to prevent mistakes in syntax at once. Also it is possible to separate SQL scripts into regions that can be individually collapsed or expanded.
Simultaneous executing of several queries
Multi-threaded query execution is implemented
DB2 Code Factory can execute each query in a separate thread in order to continue your work with the software while the query is executing.
Latest DB2 versions support
DB2 Code Factory supports all the latest versions of DB2
Use DB2 Code Factory to work with any DB2 version! The application provides full support for all the required features implemented in the new server versions.
Advanced data management
Viewing, editing, sorting, grouping, and filtering of the result data management
DB2 Code Factory provides you with all the features to analyze the data in the most convenient way. You can also export result sets to as many as 14 file formats including Excel, RTF and HTML and import data from Excel, CSV, text files and more.
Visual Query Builder
DB2 Code Factory allows you to create the SELECT statements visually
The Visual Query Builder is a powerful tool of DB2 Code Factory intended for designing queries as visual diagrams. This tool does not require any knowledge of the SELECT statement syntax, it will form a query automatically, you just need to mark what information you want to retrieve.
Full support for BLOB fields
DB2 Code Factory has an ability to view/edit BLOB data in various ways
Using DB2 Code Factory you can view or edit BLOB data in the following ways: hexadecimal dump, plain text, graphical image or HTML page. A graphical representation of BLOB data supports five image formats: BMP, Windows metafile, JPEG, GIF and PNG.
Viewing data as diagrams
DB2 Code Factory allows you to build diagrams based on DB2 data
This exclusive feature represents numeric data from a query result as a diagram with a possibility of customizing its appearance in various ways. You can also easily export the diagram to the following formats: BMP, Windows metafile, PDF, JPEG, PNG and more.
Full customization according to your preferences and needs
DB2 Code Factory admits to flexible customization
You can customize the behavior of all its tools, select a user interface scheme and set a lot of other various preferences.