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Steve Horne: "All in all it's a great product, I used the freeware version for a while but purchased a commercial license recently as I am now using it for my work. The ability to query SharePoint lists using SQL makes my administration tasks much easier".
Steve Naidamast: "I just downloaded your new offering of AnySQL Maestro. What a nice product. I was immediately able to connect to an Access database to review the data.

I have already purchased from you your Oracle Maestro as well as your SQLite Maestro.

I am curious as to why you have decided to release such a nice product as Freeware...

Keep up the excellent work".


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SQL Maestro Group / Products / AnySQL / AnySQL Maestro / AnySQL Maestro: Free vs Pro

AnySQL Maestro Freeware vs AnySQL Maestro Professional

The comparison table below shows the difference between Professional and Freeware editions of AnySQL Maestro.

To see the difference between AnySQL Maestro and similar specific tools such as SQL Maestro for MySQL, MS SQL Maestro, Oracle Maestro and so on, click here.

Basic Database Tools Freeware Version Professional Version
Database Explorer + +
Object Creation Wizards + +
Object Editors + +
Object Browser + +
SQL Editor + +
SQL Script Editor + +
SQL Dump + +
SQL Generator + +
Advanced Database Tools Freeware Version Professional Version
Database Designer - +
SQL Formatter - +
Database Report - +
Visual Query Builder - +
Data Analysis - +
Diagram Viewer + +
Data Management Tools Freeware Version Professional Version
Data Editing + +
Data Filtering + +
Data Grouping + +
Data Printing + +
Data Exporting - +
Data Importing - +
BLOB Editor + +
Lookup Editors + +
Master-Detail Views - +
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