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SQL Maestro Group / News / PostgreSQL Maestro 18.12 released

PostgreSQL Maestro 18.12 released

Dec 20, 2018

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PostgreSQL Maestro SQL Maestro Group is happy to announce the release of PostgreSQL Maestro 18.12, a powerful Windows GUI solution for PostgreSQL administration and database development.

Please consider the list of new features implemented in this version since the last official release:

New feature highlights:

  • This version of the software has been successfully tested with all the modern database server versions up to PostgreSQL 11.
  • Support for a number of PostgreSQL 11 new features has been implemented as follows:
    • Support for the partitions based on hashing a key column has been added.

      To create a hash partitioned table, turn ON the appropriate checkbox, then select "Hash" partitioning strategy and specify the partition key expression at the Properties tab of Create Table Wizard.

      Creating a hash partitioned tablePicture 1. Creating a hash partitioned table
      To add a new partition of a hash partitioned table, open the Table Editor, switch to the Partitions tab, then use the "Create New Partition" command at the Navigation bar or the corresponding item of the popup menu and specify modulus and remainder properties for the new partition.
      Adding a partition of a hash partitioned tablePicture 2. Adding a partition of a hash partitioned table
    • Default partition can now be specified for partitioned tables. The default partition will store rows that don't match any of the other defined partitions, and is searched accordingly.
      Default partitionPicture 3. Default partition
    • Support for SQL-level procedures has been implemented.
      ProceduresPicture 4. Procedures
    • Support for domains over composite types has been added.
      Domain over composite typePicture 5. Domain over composite type
    • Support for arrays of domains types has been implemented.
      Creating an array of domainPicture 6. Creating an array of domain
  • SSH client has been upgraded. Now it supports more secure key exchange algorithms.
    SSH Client has been upgradedPicture 7. SSH Client has been upgraded
  • Restore database wizard has been implemented. It allows you to restore your database from an archive backup file or a directory. It is possible to restore an existing database or a new one. The wizard is equipped with a command line builder. It provides with a comfortable user interface for creating batch files for the pg_restore utility
    Restore database wizard: Command line builderPicture 9. Restore database wizard: Command line builder

In addition to this, several bugs have been fixed and some other minor improvements and corrections have been made.

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