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Welcome to!

Jan 7, 2004

We have released the first public version of MySQL Maestro and launched this website!

MySQL Maestro is a powerful solution for the MySQL server administering and development. We tried to create new software, which includes itself the best things available in the existing products as well as implements a unique functionality.

Product release versions are formalized according to temporal principles. For more information apply to the corresponding news item.

You can find a short list of the main MySQL Maestro 4.1 features below:

  • support of all the latest versions of MySQL server from 3.23 to 5.0;

  • fully self-dependency: MySQL Maestro does not require a client library (even libmysql.dll) to connect to MySQL;

  • easy database object management;

  • user-friendly interface;

  • powerful security manager;

  • stored procedures and functions support;

  • powerful BLOB viewer/editor;

  • data export/import modules.

Of course this list does not contain all the things implemented in our software. With MySQL Maestro you can, for example, create a new table in a few mouse clicks, get SQL or XML dump of your metadata and data (even without knowledge of both syntaxes), get a high-quality printable report for your database, execute any SQL script, copy a table from one database to another by drag-n-drop or by pressing Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V,  backup, restore, analyze, check, repair, and optimize tables, and many many more. In short our product makes MySQL server as easy as ABC. :-)

We hope you will like this new people of the MySQL World.

Thank you for your attention!

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