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David Lantz: "Thank you, this is by far the simplest, and most friendly utility for building db record system I have ever used. I wish I could get my systems guys at the office to purchase this for our company would be so very helpful and speed up a lot of work. I for one have used it for everything from a simple inventory record of my house, to a members record for my church just little pet projects and a test bed to test my own db builds and theories before having to hand code at the office..... it is a lot of fun to work with".
Dave Lantz: "I have to say that I simple love this product and its ease of use. I know that I have only tapped into about 20% of what it can do. In my business I come into a lot of contact with developers and I tell them all, that if they need an easy way to connect, report or work their databases they MUST check out your products".


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MySQL Data Wizard 6.10 released

Oct 20, 2006

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A new version of MySQL Data Wizard, a powerful utility for managing your MySQL data, has been released.

Product versions are formalized according to their release dates: the first figure of the product version stands for the year of release; the second figure of the version is meant to indicate the month of the current version release. For more information apply to the corresponding news item.  Thus, current version is numbered 6.10 because it was released in October, 2006.

  • PHP Generator: added an opportunity to edit Lookup options while the web pages are being created: these features help you to customize the HTML appearance of your MySQL databases for easy and efficient data operating.

  • PHP Generator: implemented a possibility to localize the result PHP script.

  • Data Pump: some interface improvements.

  • A possible problem with exporting custom query result in some cases, if the query text contains characters typed in uppercase was fixed. Data Export Wizard now determines column size for custom queries correctly (fixed after a bug report).

  •  Some other minor bugs were fixed.

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