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Piter Jason: "I wanted to take this opportunity to thank SQL Maestro Group for providing me the tools to succeed. I have no doubt that without them I would have failed to do my job. I am proud that I have suceeded. Thank you".
Ananda Theerthan J: "I have been looking for PHP generator for years and now I am happy that I found one. Yes, its the PHP generator for MySQL. I completely rate 10/10 for this product for making life easier. It has lot of features and capabilities especially the CRUD, lookups and data partitioning. I love this product and recommend to others".


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PHP Generator for MySQL review has been published

Aug 5, 2010

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Weng Yee Lee, admin of, posted a review of PHP Generator for MySQL. Here is a quotation:

"To get the web application up within the shortest time possible, I recommended a software which helps to generate codes based on a database structure. ... PHP Generator for MySQL allows you to create a CRUD PHP web application in it’s simplest form and I will be walking you though the creation process. "

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