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Mario Figueiredo: "I can safely forget all I know about SQL when using SQLite Maestro. It is that easy and intuitive to use. It is also nicely drawn with an easy and appealing interface that makes the sometimes boring tasks of database maintenance and administration more endurable.
The decision to support the non-commercial use of your software with a lower price is absolutely worth mentioning. For that alone, I thank you. For everything else, I say keep up the good work".
Piter Jason: "I wanted to take this opportunity to thank SQL Maestro Group for providing me the tools to succeed. I have no doubt that without them I would have failed to do my job. I am proud that I have suceeded. Thank you".


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SQL Maestro Group / News / All company news / PHP Generator for MySQL review has been published

PHP Generator for MySQL review has been published

Aug 5, 2010

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Weng Yee Lee, admin of, posted a review of PHP Generator for MySQL. Here is a quotation:

"To get the web application up within the shortest time possible, I recommended a software which helps to generate codes based on a database structure. ... PHP Generator for MySQL allows you to create a CRUD PHP web application in it’s simplest form and I will be walking you though the creation process. "

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